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30 % Off
  • 30% on Saturday and Sanday
  • Traditional Thai Massage and Thai Oil Massage
  • (not less than 1 hour 10 min each)
  • Up to February, 2018
40 % Off
  • 40% off when purchasing
  • a 5 treatment subscription
  •  (not less than 1 hour 10 min each)
  • Subscription valid for 1 month
Oil massage 1h 10 min + Thai head massage 30 min
30 % Off
  • Oil massage 1h 10 min + Thai head massage 30 min
  • 4550 rub
  • Up to February 28, 2018
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  • 20% Spa programs
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The gift certificate

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The gift certificate is a gift that suits almost any event - be it New Year, Birthday, personal or professional holiday!

We offer you our gift certificates:
  • cash value from 1 000 rubles;
  • for spa programs and massages.
  • The gift certificate service can be provided at its face value, but In case the value of the rendered service is lower than the value of the certificate, the difference is not refundable.
  • If you purchased a certificate and the cash amount for the selected procedure is larger than the nominal value of the procedures indicated on the gift certificate, the visitor may pay the difference at the reception.
  • The gift certificate is valid during three months from the acquisition date, which is indicated on the certificate at the moment of purchasing.
  • Procedures by the gift certificate are held upon its presentation.
  • Gift certificates are not refundable and not exchangeable for cash.
  • A visit by the gift certificate takes place by an advance appointment. Tel. 8 (919) 767-00-10


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Seaweed wrap (kelp) - is a gentle and pleasant treatment with the application of natural ingredients. It combines medical and aesthetic effects and nourishes the skin with minerals and vitamins, has a relentless impact on the areas of cellulite, gives the skin elasticity and firmness.

1 hour4 500 rubles
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Spa Care Peeling

This spa care combines two treatments: peeling, using papaya fruit scrub (20 min.) and a massage with aromatic oils (40 min.). The procedure helps to deeply cleanse the skin. It has a tonic effect on the body in general.

1 hour4 200 rubles
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Mask for the face "The Makropulos Means"

This Face mask is recommended for skin with the signs of aging, as well as for the prevention of premature aging. The achieved effect is: moisturizing, lifting, improving skin elasticity, reducing the depth of wrinkles. After removing the mask face massage is performed.

40 minutes2 800 rubles
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Tai Cocktail

It is a complex program of harmonization of physical and mental processes in the human body. The program includes Traditional Thai massage (1 hour), Oil Massage (1 hour), massage with hot herbal bags (1 hour). If you are curious to know the story of the Princess Manor, check out the section "Tales".

3 hours 11 700 rubles
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Eastern fairy tale

The Warming up procedure is based on ancient Oriental traditions, designed to relax, relieve fatigue and overwork. It will bring into your life all the colors of the East for minimum two hours. The procedure includes Thai Oil Massage (1 hour) and Thai massage with hot bags (1 hour).

2 hours8 400 rubles
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What can be better than travelling? New impressions, knowledge, emotions ... And if it is a journey on foot? The world gradually reveals itself and you have got time to enjoy this discovery ... Even a trip along the neighboring lane (you daily pass it in 6 seconds, or maybe 12, if you brake at an intersection) can be surprisingly entertaining. And what about letting your thoughts, which raise at the supersonic speeds, "take a walk"? Thai herbal massage with hot bags (1 hour) and foot massage (30 minutes) - is a possibility to remove the physical fatigue, and go for a mental walk.

1 hour 30 minutes5 200 rubles
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The mystery of herbs

One of the methods of relaxation and improving health is a massage with warm pouches filled with unique collections of herbs. The program aims at stimulating the metabolic processes in the body, relieving muscle tension. It Includes Thai Herbal Massage (1 hour) and head and face massage (30 minutes).

1 hour 30 minutes6 800 rubles
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Nearly Nirvana

No, we do not know how to use spa treatments to achieve this fantastic state. But we can help your body to prepare for such a transition properly. The rest is solely in your hands. Anti-stress relaxing program , including the Collar zone massage and foot massage.

1 hour5 800 rubles
2 hours10 400rubles
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All Lose Weight!

It is not an empty statement , it is a conclusion, confirmed by our practice. The program harmoniously combines the traditional Thai massage (1 hour), Oil massage (1 hour) and Slim Massage (30 minutes). Give your body a perfect shape!

2 hours 30 minutes10 800 rubles
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Lose Weight "off-hand"

We strongly recommend you to try our program "all lose weight". But if your busy schedule does not allow you such long "absences", this program is for you. The program is executed with elements of passive yoga, twisting and stretching on a mat in special pajamas, has a regenerating effect on the entire body. The cream, used in the procedure will help you get rid of unwanted fat accumulation, carry out the correction of muscle forms. The procedure includes Traditional Thai massage (1 hour) and Slim Massage (30 minutes).

1 hour 30 minutes6 300 rubles
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Spa Care Lifting and Moisturizing

The complex program prevents the formation of stretch marks, improves skin tone and elasticity .The procedure involves wrapping of the entire body (1 hour) and Slim Massage (30 minutes) for figure correction.

1 hour 30 minutes7 100 rubles
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Graceful silhouette

Despite the expressive nature of the ancient Greek god of the seas, he generously shares with us his wealth, showing divine concern for the feminine beauty. Seaweed wrap (30 minutes, one problem area) and slim-massage (30 minutes) will allow you to keep your figure perfectly fit without any effort.

1 hour5 400 rubles
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SPA-care Perfection itself.

The City offers us great opportunities of realizing our ambitions, but deprives our body of breathing clean air, swimming in the crystal rivers, enjoying the sunsets and sunrises. Spa care will help your body get rid of the impact of the urban environment with the help of the cleansing peeling (1 hour) and moisturizing Oil massage (1 hour).

2 hours8 700 rubles
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Thai Piling

The salt body scrub and foot massage will improve your skin elasticity and remove the fatigue accumulated during the day. Scrub 1h, foot massage 30 min, back massage 30 min.

2 hours6 500 rubles
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Rejuvenation Program for men SABAI

Sabai-Sabai (all is great) - You can safely say these words after a visit to the fantastic treatment created specifically for men. Our experts have developed a well-balanced spa - Procedure allowing the strong half of the humanity to feel full of energy, plans and opportunities for their realization. The treatment includes body peeling , massage of the head and hands,face relax care, face mask .

2 hours 30 minutes10 500 rubles
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Intensive SPA-care Coconut Paradise

An effective program of intensive skin hydration - is unmatched exotic nourishment of natural ingredients, evening the skin color. The program includes a body peeling procedure and Oil-massage with natural coconut oil.

1 hour 30 minutes7 600 rubles
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Chocolate pleasure

Luxury spa care, which will soften, soothe, moisturize and protect skin from aging. Chocolate promotes the formation of endorphins - the hormone of happiness. Allow yourself to enjoy the chocolate flavors, touching this enchanting sweetness by every cell in your body. The procedure involves coffee scrub peeling followed by a massage with chocolate cream.

1 hour 30 minutes7 400 rubles
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Spa program An Ocean of impressions

This program harmoniously combines sugar scrub peeling and full body massage, which will charge you with cheerfulness and positive energy.

1 hour4 500 rubles


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Traditional Thai Massage

Full body massage, enhancing muscle tone and strengthening blood vessels. The procedure will help you to relax. It also stabilizes the work of your nervous system.

15 minutes800 rubles
30 minutes1 600 rubles
1 hour 10 minutes3 200 rubles
1 hour 40 minutes4 500 rubles
2 hours5 900 rubles
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Traditional Thai Head Massage

If today you have quite little time, this procedure is for you! Thai technique of relaxing massage will urgently relieve stress and tension, relax you and calm down.

30 minutes1 700 rubles
1 hour3 100 rubles
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Wake up and Sing!

Spa massage of the cervical area adds up energy and improves the way you feel.

30 minutes1 300 rubles
1 hour2 600 rubles
1 hour 30 minutes3 900 rubles
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The Magic of Healing Herbs

The combination of oriental technique and natural herbs collections has always been used for rehabilitation, nutrition and rejuvenation. A full body massage with little hot sacks, filled with collections of Thai herbs will bring back ease to your body and fill it with energy and let your mind create most daring plans

30 minutes2 050 rubles
1 hour4 100 rubles
1 hour 30 minutes5 600 rubles
2 hours6 700 rubles
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Herbal Magic

Anti-stress programs with a touch of the magical power of herbal pouches filled with a unique composition of herbs. The procedure includes the head and face massage with hot herbal bags.

30 minutes2 900 rubles
1 hour5 700 rubles
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FOOT massage

Today, you have a lot of things to do: conquering mountain peaks, implementation of unprecedented in their audacity plans .... a couple of feats ... Foot massage will give you ease and confidence in your every step!

15 minutes650 rubles
30 minutes1 300 rubles
1 hour2 600 rubles
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Thai Oil Massage

A Gentle breeze brings you the flavors of herbs, the stars are reflected in your eyes,a spicy oriental night takes you captive ... Relaxing massage with essential oils will allow you to make a journey in space and time.

30 minutes2 400 rubles
1 hour 10 minutes4 800 rubles
1 hour 30 minutes5 800 rubles
2 hours6 700 rubles
2 hours 30 minutes7 100 rubles
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Slim Massage

Thai massage for figure correction applying a warming up cream promotes the excretion of toxins. Counteracts the possible accumulation of fat.

30 minutes3 200 rubles
1 hour6 400 rubles
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Spa Complex Royal Care

Traditional Thai Massage is performed by two masters simultaneously with the application of aromatic oils . Royal Care massage involves truly royal rituals. The complex aims at the activation of the skin epithelium cells regeneration. Even after one procedure the skin feels soft to touch and elastic.

1 hour10 400 rubles
1 hour 40 minutes12 600 rubles
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Heard and face massage (Relaks)

30 minutes1 700 rubles
1 hour3 100 rubles
1 hour 30 minutes4 600 rubles
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Anticellulite massage

Thai massage for figure correction applying a warming up cream promotes the excretion of toxins. Counteracts the possible accumulation of fat.

30 minutes3 200 rubles
1 hour6 400 rubles
1 hour 30 minutes7 500 rubles
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Thai hand massage

15 minutes650 rubles
30 minutes1 300 rubles

Our partners

Thai Sabai Spa

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Thai massage, or as it is called, «Nuad Boran» is an ancient and complex science of therapeutic effects on the body. As well as the Chinese and Tibetan medicine, it is based on the energy impact more than on the physical one. The History of Thai massage began about 2,500 years ago in northern India, owing to Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha. He was the man, who systematized a great deal of knowledge in the field of human energy and combined it into such a pleasant procedure.

Thai massage technique is based on the knowledge of the energy active points of the human body. That is why Thai massage is primarily a competent acupressure and impacted on the well-defined areas of the body. It is exactly this that creates a harmonious flow of internal energies, due to which forces are restored and there appears an access to their internal sources. To enhance the effect it is possible to apply collections of herbs and oils, creation of which has centuries long traditions.

Thai massage is a philosophy of body and soul harmony, which has been carried on through the centuries and is filled with the spirit of Buddhism. It is a means of discovering for yourself an inexhaustible source of energy in your own body. It is an opportunity to touch the wisdom of the mankind through the technique of massage, which has been carefully and consistently transmitted through the space and time. If you want to tell a Thai man that you are fine, say, "Sabai Sabai," - in translation it means "everything is fine" when the physical and mental body are in harmony and bliss.

Efficient experts working in Thai Sabai Spa are qualified as"A highly qualified Masseur". The list of procedures, detailed description and prices of the treatments can be found in the section "Services".

Thai Sabai Spa is not a clinic and it is not medical in nature.

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